Podcast #31: The relationship with Virtual Friendships

Without a doubt, it has never been easier to keep in touch with the people we love so much for some time now. Thanks to social media and the internet, we've never had so many friends and people from such remote regions.

But this is transforming the very definition of friendship. Thinking about it, in this episode I decided to talk a little about these changes and why it is so important to adapt to the new reality and allow ourselves more.

I take advantage, as well as in the audio format, I would like to leave a tribute to a friend in particular, Rennan Mazzoli, who recently passed away from COVID-19 and left us, my sincere feelings to all his family and friends! Forever, I will keep the good times we have together and conversations about the world and events. He participated here in episodes about the intrigue of Apple vs. Epic Games in the past.

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